Seminars-trainings for schoolchildren were held in Kopys


Seminars-trainings for schoolchildren were held in Kopys in the regional information center on handling persistent organic pollutants and hazardous chemical waste.


The official opening of the Information Center on handling persistent organic pollutants and hazardous chemical waste, which is created on the basis of the state educational institution "Kopyskiy kindergarten - secondary school of the Orsha district", is scheduled for early-mid May this year. But already on April 4 and 5, the specialists of the environmental protection agency "Ecological sphere" - the executor of the project on creating the information center - organized the first training seminars for schoolchildren of grades 5-11 from Kopys and Alexandria. The lessons were held in the form of an intellectual cognitive quiz, where, for example, the children could learn what POPs are and how they look, what kind of danger they pose to the environment and each person in particular, where in everyday life you can face dangerous chemical waste and how to treat them properly.

In addition, the information center gained a sigboard that was developed by professional graphics and designers following a joint "brainstorm" with students from the Kopys secondary school. The signboard shows the Center logo and the name "Green light", which was chosen considering the environmental information and educational orientation his activities ..

We would like to remind you that the first Information Center for handling persistent organic pollutants and hazardous chemical waste is being created by the Environmental Protection Agency on the basis of the State Educational Institution "Kopyskiy kindergarten - secondary school of Orsha district" within the framework of the implementation of the Small Grants Program of the Global Ecological Fund with the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus and the United Nations Development Program in the Republic of Belarus.

On the basis of the information center, volunteer groups from locals, mostly young people, will be created and trained to identify unauthorized landfills and warehouses with obsolete pesticides and chemicals, as well as containers used for their storage. This will allow the final inventory of places of accumulation of hazardous chemicals and take prompt measures to eliminate them, which will improve the ecological situation in the region and will contribute to the creation of a sustainable system for handling hazardous chemical waste.


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