The grand opening of the first regional information center on the management of persistent organic pollutants and hazardous chemicals "Green Light" was held in Kopys on June 6.


The Center was opened on the basis of the State Educational Institution "Kopys' Kindergarten - Orshansky District High School" with the support of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus and the United Nations Development Program in the Republic of Belarus in the framework of the implementation of the project of the Program small grants of the Global Environment Facility "Establishment of a Regional Information Center on the Management of POPs and Hazardous Chemicals".


The ceremony of the opening ceremony was attended by the Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus Andrey Khudyk, the leadership of the Orsha District Executive Committee, the Vitebsk Regional Committee of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, local authorities, the Education Department, the leshoz,

Guests of the celebration on the occasion of the opening of the Center were welcomed by the local children's collective of folk art. Participants of the Orsha District Ecological and Biological Center for Children and Youth told about their activities at a specially prepared exhibition. Also guests were invited for a tour of the school. When visiting the program class of the new Information Center, students of the IT Academy simulated the situation - extinguishing forest fire by robots. In the laboratory equipped within the framework of the project, the chemistry teacher conducted classes on the study of the chemical characteristics of water and its suitability for fish habitat, and school guests sat down with schoolchildren who gladly took part in such an experiment.


The stages of the project "Establishment of a regional information center on the management of POPs and hazardous chemicals" and its main results, as well as further perspectives of the Center's work were described by the director of the Environmental Protection Agency Alexander Zhed. During his presentation, he said that on the basis of the new information center, volunteer groups from among local residents, mostly young people, will be created and trained to identify unauthorized landfills and warehouses with obsolete pesticides and chemicals, as well as containers used for their storage. This will allow taking prompt measures to eliminate places of accumulation of hazardous chemicals that will improve the ecological situation in the region and will contribute to the creation of a sustainable system for handling hazardous chemical waste. Also, volunteers will be involved in works to restore order on the ground and restore the natural landscape and soil cover within the framework of practical lessons of summer training programs.

Also Alexander presented the partners of the project - the Association "Innovative Instrument-Making" and the Internet portal They were attracted to expand and strengthen the educational opportunities of the school and the Center. One of the activities of the Association is the improvement of the level of education of young people in the field of technical sciences. Thanks to the participation of the Association, in order to improve the level of education, students of the Kopys school are given free access to electronic textbooks and tests on the secondary school program posted on the educational Internet portal

At the end of the opening ceremony of the new information center "Green Light" the participants of the holiday symbolically planted young trees before the school.


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