The Small Grants Programme of the GEF invites non-governmental organizations and rural/township councils to take part in a call for proposals for 2018


The GEF Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP) in Belarus provides support to non-governmental organizations (hereinafter referred to as “NGOs”), local citizen groups (hereinafter referred to as “LCG”) and rural/township councils (hereinafter referred to as “RTC”), which make efforts to receive both environmental and social benefit.

The GEF SGP grant amounts are up to USD 50000. The Programme does not finance the whole project budget; it is supposed that the organization and/or its partners will contribute as well.

The proposals conforming to the following criteria are admitted for examination 

  • Participants: registered non-governmental organizations in the Republic of Belarus, local citizen groups and rural/township councils, having a current account.
  • Partnership: cooperation with civil society organizations, state authorities, educational institutions, as well as with other organizations contributing to the project implementation in cash or in kind (provision of premises, equipment, etc.)
  • Support by local/central bodies of executive power: a proposal is accompanied by a corresponding letter of support.
  • A term of the implementation of grant events: from one year to two, as a rule
  • Subject of projects: solving of environmental and social and economic problems of local communities

  The Programme does not provide financing for 

  • research programs;
  • studying at higher educational institutions in Belarus and abroad, overseas trips;
  • current administrative expenses of organizations;
  • projects on creating and developing recreation zones, garbage collecting, unless such an activity touches upon the SGP priority guidelines;
  • projects of a one-off nature;
  • projects on sewerage system construction and maintenance;
  • projects benefited by an individual or a private firm, if they are not devoted to the improvement of environmental and social and economic living conditions of people;
  • design of project.

ATTENTION! Project proposals should be written in accordance with the GEF SGP strategy for the 6th GEF operational period (hereinafter referred to as the Strategy). Summary of the strategy and its full version are available at

To participate in the Small Grants Programme Competition you should fill out an application form and send it to the GEF SGP Office by e-mail ( addressed to Yuri Vasilievich Solovjev, National Coordinator of the GEF SGP in the Republic of Belarus, or download a proposal on the website of the GEF SGP in the Republic of Belarus ( or present it personally to the GEF SGP Office in the Republic of Belarus till 6 p.m. of May 2, 2018.

For additional information, please refer to

the GEF SGP Office in the Republic of Belarus:
office 3, 46, Avangardnaya St., Minsk, 220037
Ph.:  +375 17 316 55 06
Fax:  +375 17 350 55 05

the GEF SGP website in the Republic of Belarus
Programme National Coordinator: Yuri Vasilievich Solovjev, e-mail: