Two SGP projects were successfully implemented by 31 December 2018


Two SGP projects were successfully implemented by 31 December 2017

1. BLR/SGP/OP6/Y2/CORE/MF/16/02 - «Combating land degradation and biodiversity conservation in Klimovichi and Krichev regions of Mahileu oblast by forest fires preventing». 

Project goal -  combating land degradation and improvement in the conservation of biological diversity sphere in the Republic of Belarus in accordance with the provisions of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification and land degradation, and the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.

Project tasks:

1.  To train of employees of the "Klimovichi Forestry" on the latest techniques to combat forest fires using equipment purchased under the project.

2. To raise awareness of the local population on the prevention of forest fires.

3. To practically use of experience and equipment  synthesis to extinguish forest fires in the project area.

4. To conduct an information campaign in the media on the prevention of forest fires and promote the results of the project.

Project results:

Reduction lands degraded as a result of the impact of forest fires.

Improving of the socio-economic living conditions of the local population.

Improving of the efficiency of the "Klimovichi Forestry" in terms of operational extinguishing and liquidation of consequences of forest fires.

Minimizing of the damage to Environment caused during the  forest fires liquidation.

Dissemination the experience of the project to other regions of the country.

Raising awareness of local communities on the prevention and combating of forest fires, land degradation and biodiversity conservation.

2. BLR/SGP/OP6/Y2/CORE/CD/16/01 - “Promotion and implementation of the UN sustainable development goals in the Republic of Belarus”.

Project goal –  Promotion and implementation of the UN sustainable development goals in the Republic of Belarus

Project tasks:

Task 1. The active participation of representatives of public associations (youth, children, disabled people and other social groups including  7 districts of Mahileu oblast) in the dissemination of the sustainable development goals.

Task 2. Presentation of the most successful results of the GEF SGP projects for the possible  replicating them at the regional and national levels.

Task 3: Dissemination of the results achieved in the framework of the events dedicated to the SDGs.

Project results:

- On the basis of the experience gained within the implementation of local and regional projects in various sectors, created the platform for the widespread and systematic work towards achieving SDGs in the country;

- Strengthened cross-sectoral cooperation in the field of sustainable development;

- Bike movement  as an important part of sustainable development will get impulse for a broad development in Belarus.