Project Number: BLR/SGP/OP5/Y3/STAR/CH/13/02

Project Title: “Inclusion of young people with disabilities in the care of the environment”

Total Amount of Funds under the Agreement: 35 360.00 USD


Project goal – Reducing persistent organic pollutants in Minsk by creating the conditions for the production of environmentally friendly packaging with involvement of people with disabilities and information population on measures of improvement of environmental condition.

Project tasks:

1. Create at CHPTUP "ArtIdeya" conditions for production of environmentally friendly packaging.

2. Establish production and sales of environmentally friendly products with the spread of project ideas through video advertising and the media.

3. Extend the experience of the production of more environmentally friendly packaging among other branches NGO "BelAPDIiMI" in Belarus

Organization of production of environmentally friendly packaging at CHPTUP "ArtIdeya" will not only provide a partial withdrawal from the market of plastic bags, but also solve the problem of employment of people with disabilities that will improve the economic situation of their families. Established production of environmentally friendly packaging for CHPTUP "ArtIdeya" will continue after project completion what will ensure sustainability.

The scheduled within the project activities will inform the public in Minsk and regions on ways of improving the environmental situation (video advertising, distribution of information booklets, information in the media).

The experience gained within this project will be introduced in others branches of NGO "BelAPDIiMI" (organizational structures in Stolin, Luninets and Baran’) through the preparation of project proposals and organizing procurement of necessary equipment with the establishment of production of environmentally friendly products and involvement into the production process people with disabilities in other parts of the country.